httk.config.config module

Read and setup httk configuration and versioning data.

httk_python_root is derived as the directory is in + ..

config is a configparser.config object where:

  • All assignments in a file in httk_python_root are read into the section [general]
  • Read httk.cfg in httk_python_root
  • Using the latest definition of [general]/httk_root, read httk.cfg in that directory
  • Read ~/.httk/config

In this config object, the section [general] is looked up for ‘httk_root’, which is exported as httk_root. If not present, ‘root’ is looked up in the section ‘distdata’. If that is not present, the default of httk_python_root + ../.. is used.

If the file in httk_python_root exists, the config object section [distdata] is looked up for version, version_date, and copyright_note, which are exported as httk_version, httk_version_date, httk_copyright_note. If this file does not exist, they identifiers are instead derived using the ‘git’ command. If that does not work, they are set to ‘unknown’, except for httk_copyright_note, which is set to a sensible default.

This python file has no dependencies except for the standard library (neither within httk or outside). It will always remain safe to import by itself, e.g.:

(cd src/httk/config; python -c "import sys, config; sys.stdout.write(config.httk_version + '\n')")


python -c "import sys; here = path.abspath(path.dirname(__file__)); sys.path.insert(1, os.path.join(here,'src/httk/config')); import config; sys.stdout.write(config.httk_version + '\n')"
class httk.config.config.ExceptionlessConfig(config)[source]

Bases: object